Close Protection

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) has set the guidelines and standards intended for official Close Protection training in the UK. In March 2006 it became law to hold a license to work in Close Protection Operations. To obtain a license you must complete and pass a course that is compliant with the specifications as laid down by the SIA. The course is 14 days in duration and is a combination of classroom and practical exercises. It is a rigorous course and all sections of the course must be completed to permit you to be valid for your SIA license. This training course covers the NEW 2015 specification.

The course will cover the following:

Interpersonal skills.
Use of close protection vehicle techniques.
Communication and conflict management skills.
Venue based security.
Introduction to the roles and responsibilities of the close protection operative.
Close protection team work.
Threat and risk assessment.
Operational planning.
Surveillance awareness.
Law and legislation.
Emergency and trauma training.
Close protection foot techniques.
Route selection.
Search awareness.
Incidents and dilemmas.
Anti and Counter Surveillance.
Close Quarter Combat.
Weapon disarming.

If you pass the course you will obtain a Certificate in Close Protective Security from our awarding body Industry Qualifications (IQ) Awarding Body for Compliance and will allow you to apply to the SIA for a Front Line Close Protection Licence.

Close Protection courses are a minimum of 150 hours and cover core competencies as set out by the SIA Legislation that is relevant to close protection.

The course is open to civilians as no prior knowledge is necessary, only the interest to learn and strength of mind to carry it through is necessary. Due to the high standards that can be achieved on this course, all students who pass the SIA examination, regardless of background, will be able to seek employment within the industry. This can range from low level to high risk work in areas of conflict.

Our IQ accredited training course has carefully been combined with the skills learnt from the police, military close protection and the industry to give you one of the most in depth and comprehensive courses on the market.