Control & Restraint (User) Level 2 Endorsed

This course is designed for persons who, as part of their job may have to extract or detain people using Control & Restraint. This may include Civilian Enforcement Security Officers, Crowd Management Officers, Close Protection & Retail Security Officers, Health Care staff, Bailiffs, Security Organizations, Event Organisations Private Prison staff, and Civilian Detention Officers.

The course is modular based and can be taught as a standalone unit, though Global Reach highly recommend it’s taught in conjunction with conflict management training.

Our Aim

The aim of the course is to teach delegates ‘within the guide-lines of law’, the correct use of force (C&R) techniques appropriate to non-compliant and violent individuals and to provide a competent physical intervention training programme for staff that are expected to engage in physical intervention and Control & Restraint as part of their employment. And to provide a basic understanding of the law supporting the use of physical intervention (C&R)

Our Objectives

To allow the delegate to practice Control & Restraint techniques in a controlled environment and to instruct the delegate on the following knowledge and skills

  • The Basic English Law in relation to the use of physical force.
    The various appropriate technical physical skills required for the competent application of Control & Restraint including appropriate methods of restraining, holding still and containing a person in an ethical but compliant manner.
    Explain the risks associated with the use of physical force for the purpose which is used in physical intervention and Control & Restraint
    Highlighting the Medical Implications involved in the use of Control & Restraint

Course Content

This course comprises of both a theoretical training and practical elements. The theory sessions include current and relevant guidelines, our instructor’s personal experiences, best practice and legislative guidance, these are conveyed in presentations and class discussions to encourage the delegate to interact and learn. The Practical sessions allow delegates to practice Control & Restraint techniques in a controlled environment under supervision of one of our highly qualified instructors.

Legislation and Guidance for the use of Control & Restraint Techniques

Delegates will be provided with an awareness of when Control & Restraint techniques can be used and deployed in accordance with current best practice and UK legislation. The course is designed to instil confidence and a new skills set in the delegate and an understanding of their legal position when using Control & Restraint.

Delegates are provided with an understanding of the effects when using Control & Restraint on vulnerable persons those suffering from a form of mental illness and those that are violent.

Course Certification

This is a pass or fail course for users and is assessed over the 2 days. Our instructors must be satisfied that the delegate is fully competent to be certified as proficient of practising Control & Restraint techniques and that they clearly possesses an understanding of the law associated with the Use of Force. The course duration is 1 day and provides the user with a Level 2 Endorsed Award from HABC our Awarding Body